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Do you want to have fun? Do you like traditional festivals? You cannot resist
In the municipality numerous festivals are held throughout the calendar, all of which surprise us by the ease with which its people turns everything into joy, splendour and art. With the arrival of each season different events are held


Noche de San Juan

From 23 to 24 of June. Magical and Enchanted Night. The most anticipated event that coincides with the summer solstice. The traditional burning of \\\ “júas\\\ ” on the beaches of Sabinillas, illuminates the shortest night of the year. At twelve o’clock there are many people who use it to purify themselves, washing their feet and faces in the sea water, while asking for three wishes; the most daring jump the fire, others throw requests written on paper or the bad things you want to end into the fire. A night that drives away evil spirits and helps love appear.

Harvest Festival

The party starts early in this town of a great wine tradition, with the celebration of Mass giving way to the procession of the Virgin Our Lady of Sorrows which is accompanied by the young people dressed in traditional village wear asking for protection for the fields of Manilva. After the procession we reach one of the most significant moments of the festival and the most emotional for local residents the popular offering of the best bunches to the Virgin and the subsequent treading of the grapes to extract the first mosto of the season.



Full Moon Party

The Full Moon Party is held during the night of Saturday August the 1st. This festival is presented as a social, cultural and tourist event which gathers thousands of people on the beach of Sabinillas. Recognized as a Singularly Tourist Festival, it aims to create an environment in which the protagonist is in addition to the moon, the landscape of Manilva.
The Feast of the full moon will start once the day wanes, where the activities will start in which the participants are invited, before the moon rises to meet on the beach wearing white. A good atmosphere, spectacle and spectacular scenery make this party one of the most awaited in the area.

Day of the Virgin of Carmen

Patron saint of fishermen: party with deep roots in the seafaring neighbourhoods of Castillo de la Duquesa and San Luis de Sabinillas. At sunset, the images after the marine mass leave in procession to the beach, they are shipped out to sea and guarded by fishing boats and pleasure craft, seafaring pilgrimages full of authentic magic. Flowers and sounds of boat horns mingle with the cries of “beautiful” to “Queen of the Seas”.


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