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Attract new customers

Have you ever thought how great it would be to see your restaurant, bar, pool bar, hairdresser … full every day, both morning and afternoon? ¿Even have to relay tables for second sittings?

PuertoDuquesa.es offers you the essential tools to increase your visibility on the Internet and attract new customers who otherwise probably would not get to know about your business.

By registering for PuertoDuquesa.es not only will your business enjoy the visibility that PuertoDuquesa.es websites offer, but also perceive more revenue from your own website and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…

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Increase loyalty from your customers

Do you have time to talk to all of your customers? Do you remember what they told you six months ago? Would you like your customers to return to your business more regularly?

With PD Manager, you can save all of your customers’ preferences and booking history. So that your staff can offer a personalized service to each customer.

Stay in touch easily with your customers and inform them of your new promotions and events: make them want to come back!

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Better manage your reservation

Would you like to save time and also that your reservations are taken on your days off as well as during service or at night?

PD Manager is software that adapts to the needs of your business: manages your reservations for you and offers your customers or your staff a specially adapted response.

In that way managing your reservations and organizing your services will be much easier. Your new tool is available anytime, anywhere (no longer will you have a need for the hand written reservation book).

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All these services are FREE

You will enjoy free and unlimited access to all the tools to promote your club and manage more bookings. All bookings achieved through your own website or your Facebook profile will be free.



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